Lalandia will be there all the way

Lalandia will be there all the way when the world’s largest tunnel construction project, the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, gets under way. This enormous construction projects brings a number of exciting opportunities for us. Both for guests who want to follow this fascinating construction project up close and building consortia who want a strong local partner for a number of services

Lalandia as a partner

  • Lalandia in Rødby

Unique partnership opportunities

With our location, volume and expertise in service, Lalandia in Rødby is the obvious partner for any construction consortium.

  • FB Suppliers

FB Suppliers

Lalandia is part of FB Suppliers – a concept that brings together all local tradesmen and service providers in a one-point-of-contact network concept. This makes things significantly easier for all parties to any construction work.

Lalandia – the perfect partner


Lalandia has approximately 730 holiday homes for rent, with a total capacity of approximately 4,000 beds. There are 7 different types of holiday home, with space for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 people. All the homes are equipped with a TV and free internet connection, but it is also possible to experience an extra level of comfort in one of our luxury holiday homes for 8 people. A full cleaning package is also available, including bed linen and towels.


In the tropical holiday centre at Lalandia in Rødby, you will find a large number of great restaurants with a varied range of food and dining experiences.

Meeting, training and conference facilities

Lalandia can offer an inspirational setting with capacity for 2 to 1,000 participants – including a state-of-the-art cinema with 2 auditoriums that can be converted into conference facilities with room for 220 and 100 people. All rooms have wireless internet access and are equipped with projectors, whiteboards, etc. In addition, a full range of refreshments can be served in the meeting rooms or in one of the nearby restaurants.


Lalandia can offer access to massage, wellness sessions, a chiropractor and physiotherapy services.


In addition to a very large Aquadome (waterpark) that can accommodate 1,300 guests, Lalandia can offer a large modern sports hall, a fitness centre, an indoor ice rink, 11 bowling lanes, table tennis etc. Outside there are football pitches, tennis courts, beach volleyball, a multi-purpose pitch, mini-golf, etc.

Lalandia’s scenic surroundings in Rødbyhavn, with the Baltic Sea only a few metres away, make it the ideal place for trips to the beach and water sports, while a run/bike ride along the beautiful dyke is also a possibility. The dyke along the southern coast of Lolland – the only dyke in Denmark where cycling is permitted – is approximately 40 km long.

Production site and camp

Lalandia would also like to offer the following services at the production site itself and the associated camp areas:

Full catering set-up covering all meals tailored to individual requirements, room cleaning, linen service, etc.

The establishment of a camp with related facilities in and around Lalandia, depending on size.

Other advantages

  • A well-run service organisation with 25 years of experience
  • An organisation with rapid decision-making
  • Good staff language skills
  • Wide range of activities, wellness services, etc.
  • Large capacity with regard to accommodation, catering and meeting facilities
  • Proximity to the Fixed Link’s production site/construction site – approx. 3 km
  • Ground and construction rights for expansion of accommodation facilities and establishment of new activity segments, incl. camp for tunnel workers.

The area’s history

Two bulwarks

At the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1644, two bulwarks were built in the area that is today part of Lalandia. Their purpose was to defend the entrance to Rødby Fjord. The two bulwarks, called the northern bulwark and the southern bulwark, were built on separate promontories in Rødby Fjord with about 500 metres between them. It is believed that the bulwarks were only used once. The location was not appropriate, as the firing range of contemporary cannons could not cover either the entrance at Dragsminde or Rødby town – and could not fire on enemy ships at the Battle of Fehmarn at all.

A naval port

The bulwarks could only just protect the entrance to the fjord arm that lay behind. Here Danish ships could lie protected by the cannons on the bulwarks. It is assumed that it was a kind of naval port, to which many soldiers came. As Rødby could not accommodate that many soldiers, the ships were used as night lodgings until the soldiers could be deployed. The wreck of the Danish warship Delmenhorst, which was part of the Danish-Norwegian joint fleet under Christian IV, was found west of Rødbyhavn. It is assumed that they had tried to sail as close to the southern bulwark as possible in order to summon help from land.

From bulwark to green area

Today, only the northern bulwark remains. It is surrounded by footpaths in a green area behind the holiday homes in the direction of Bredfjed. The southern bulwark that was located on the site of the holiday homes on road 8 (Digestien L167 + L168) was flattened as part of the construction of the dike in 1873. At the same time, Rødby Fjord was dammed, and today fields and holiday homes cover a large part of the area.