Lost property

If you’ve left something behind at Lalandia, we are, of course, happy to help. Send us an e-mail with a clear description of the item you have lost and we will start looking for it immediately. You will receive a response as soon as possible, and no later than five working days after we receive your enquiry.

Shipping fee

Please note a shipping fee of DKK 200 is payable for shipping lost property. This fee covers the costs of personnel, packaging, transport to the post office and dispatch.

Pay here (Rødby)

Pay here (Billund)

Pay here (Søndervig)

Start report

It is easy to report lost property. Fill in the contact form and tell us when and where you lost your property, and remember to include a description of the lost item.

We keep lost property for 3 weeks

Lost property is saved for 3 weeks, after which we donate it to charity. Valuables will be collected by the police lost property office.