The aquadome – the most fun waterpark in denmark

A waterpark filled with fabulous water activities for young and old alike.

Water fun within reach

If you’re looking for extraordinary water adventures with the option for accommodation, the Aquadome in Lalandia is the obvious choice. Entry is free for the whole family when you stay in a holiday home at Lalandia.

In this massive tropical waterpark, the water is 28 degrees and the air is 30 degrees, and there is fun available for everyone – for those who love the thrill of water slides and those who dream of cosy and relaxing experiences in a spa and sauna. If you’re planning a holiday that involves splashing about and fun in a waterpark in Jutland, you’ll find the Lalandia Aquadome in Billund – and next to the North Sea, Lalandia in Søndervig awaits, with its large tropical Aquadome.

If you’re looking for a waterpark closer to Zealand, you can look forward to a wonderful mini-break at Lalandia in Rødby. And the weather? There’s no need to worry about that.

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Let it rain

The changeable Danish summer weather means nothing at Lalandia. Here you can bask in the fabulous saunas and jacuzzis, or race down the fun water slides in our indoor waterpark. You can also explore our outdoor area and let the rain drip down the tip of your nose while you enjoy the bubbles in the large outdoor spa, which is an extension of the waterpark.

  • Indoor and outdoor waterpark at Lalandia

1-2-3 go!

Take a trip down the slides in the Aquadome – there are plenty to choose from, and none of them are the same. Take the family on a fun ride on a rubber boat through the Tornado, where even the most daring water fans can experience a thrill. The latest weather phenomenon in the waterpark in Billund is the Twister, which has rapidly become a huge success. Look forward to your trip that starts high up in the Aquadome, and spins you around a giant funnel before you land safely in the waterpark. There are a total of 31 water slides in the Aquadome in Rødby, in Billund and Søndervig.

Ride the wave

At Lalandia in Rødby and Søndervig you can experience WaveSurf, where the key words are balance, focus and lots of fun. Ride the wave in WaveSurf and become a true surfer. You choose whether you want to surf standing up or use a smaller board on which you can lie down or kneel. Everyone can join in and our skilled instructors can offer guidance to both young and old for fun surfing experiences.

  • Enjoy a cool surfing experience in the impressive WaveSurf

World-class water fun

After a lot of fun trips down the water slides, and perhaps a ride on a surfboard in WaveSurf, you can enjoy yourselves in the Aqua Splash Playground. This great water playground is full of exciting water activities, and if you dare, you can stand under the gigantic bucket and just wait... All of a sudden 1,200 litres of water pour out of the bucket. You can also try the entertaining wave pool, where the waves put broad smiles on the faces of young and old once an hour.

For small bathing ducklings and mini beach bums

In the great children’s areas in the waterpark, little water fans can enjoy a water temperature of 32 degrees. The activities are adapted for the very young, who can move around the logs, sit on the cute turtles and perhaps try out their very first water slide, which lands them safely back in a pool of warm water with a depth of 30 cm. At Lalandia in Rødby 0-5 year-olds can become familiar with the pools in the Kids Area, a tranquil haven in the waterpark. If a nappy change is required at the height of the fun, there are changing facilities so that mum or dad can have the little one back in the water before long.

  • Enjoy time with your family at a waterpark with fun for both young and old

Spoil yourself

Feel the sense of wellbeing bubble away in one of the many wonderful jacuzzis in the waterpark, and indulge your senses with an aromatherapy sauna – why not seize this opportunity to spoil yourself? Try the special biosauna at Lalandia in Billund, which with a temperature of 60 degrees offers a different type of sauna experience. If you want to share the experience with the little ones, this temperature will be more pleasant than the higher temperatures of a traditional sauna. Unforgettable wellbeing experiences also await you at Lalandia in Rødby and Søndervig. There you can step into a truly impressive panoramic sauna with views of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

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