Easter holiday at Lalandia

When is the Easter holiday? That’s what a lot of children ask when the holidays begin to approach. They might also ask what will be happening during the holiday. Take a family trip to Lalandia at Easter and explore the fun activities for children in the Easter holiday 2023.

Practical Information:


Practical Information:

  • What is included in the price

    When you book a holiday at Lalandia, we have created the perfect setting for you as a family to relax and have fun together.

    Here you can see what is included in the price of your stay:

    • Your very own holiday home

    • Cleaning of your holiday home once your holiday is over – so you’ll have extra time for all the fun

    • Access to the Aquadome throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • Access to Monky Tonky Land throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • WiFi in your holiday home so entertainment is guaranteed when your family gathers together on the sofa

    • Parking at your holiday home.

    In addition, there are experiences to enjoy during your stay, which vary depending on which tropical holiday centre you choose to visit:


    • Outdoor play areas

    • Outdoor pitch for ball games

    • Meet Monky Tonky


    • Shows and entertainment on the stage

    • Meet Monky Tonky

    • The Lalandia Express

    • Help solve the Monky Tonky Mystery

    • Forest obstacle course (Tarzan course)

    • Multi-purpose pitches and other outdoor activities

    • Friendly petting goats


    • Shows and entertainment on the stage

    • Meet Monky Tonky

    • Multi-purpose pitches and other outdoor activities

    • Help solve the Monky Tonky Mystery

    • Friendly petting goats

    We look forward to seeing you.

Easter holiday = breather

Easter holiday


Fantastic three-day break
for 4 people

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Lalandia in Søndervig

Go on a wonderful Easter holiday by the North Sea, where beautiful scenery and great indoor experiences for the whole family await.

Lalandia in Billund

Spoil the family with a Easter holiday at Lalandia in Billund. Give the family’s water fans free rein in the Aquadome, play in Monky Tonky Land and enjoy the spring from the terrace of your holiday home.

Lalandia in Rødby

There are plenty of activities in the Easter holiday at Lalandia in Rødby. Enjoy the tropical water fun of the Aquadome, fun and games in Monky Tonky Land and outside the beautiful scenery awaits.

Activities and fun during the Easter holiday

  • I Lalandia er der sjovt inde og ude

Cute kids on the way

Easter is a great time, not least for the fun petting goats at Lalandia. At this season, they are expecting cute kids. Remember to visit the happy goats, who love to receive visitors at Easter.

Billund Rødby

  • Always fun activities over Easter at Lalandia

Creative Easter inventions

Visit Monky Tonky Land and let the children express their creativity at Easter. Check the calendar and see what’s on when you visit Lalandia.

Søndervig Billund Rødby

  • Tropical holiday atmosphere in the Easter holiday

Lalandia Aquadome™

Enjoy wonderful experiences at Easter in our huge waterpark. Try the fantastically fun water slides, have a water fight with the whole family or dive into one of the bubbling spas. The Aquadome abounds with activities for children at Easter.

Søndervig Billund Rødby

  • Let the children run wild in Monky Tonky Land at Easter

Monky Tonky Land

Monky Tonky loves Easter fun! Remember to visit the large playland when you take a family trip to Lalandia at Easter. There is always hours of fun here.

Søndervig Billund Rødby

Fresh air and rosy cheeks

At Lalandia there are good opportunities for appealing outdoor experiences and that feeling of spring during the Easter holiday. Explore the playgrounds in the holiday home areas and the green surroundings with your family.

  • If you visit Lalandia in Rødby or Lalandia in Søndervig, you’ll stay a short walk from the sea

Beach trip

If you visit Lalandia in Rødby or Lalandia in Søndervig, you’ll stay a short walk from the sea. Easter is the ideal time for a nice relaxed trip to the beach, where you can collect decorative stones or shells that can become homemade Easter decorations when you return to your holiday home.

Søndervig Rødby

Restaurants & Take-away


Take the family out to eat at one of the many child-friendly restaurants at Lalandia. We have lots of delicious dishes on the menu, which we look forward to serving you during the Easter holidays.

Søndervig Billund Rødby


We have favourite dishes of both young and old – and you can order them for take-away to enjoy in the comfort of your holiday home. Take-away is perfect for a relaxed evening when you just want to spend time together in your holiday home.

Søndervig Billund Rødby

Other holidays

The year is filled with wonderful school holidays that provide excellent opportunities for family time. Whenever you visit Lalandia, you’re guaranteed wonderful experiences for both young and old during your holiday. Relax in the tropical waterpark and enjoy your time together with fun activities for young and old. At Lalandia we work hard to make every holiday extra special – and fortunately there are plenty of holidays to choose from.

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