Beautiful holiday homes at Lalandia

When you rent a holiday home at Lalandia, the whole family is guaranteed a great mini-break in their own holiday cottage with free entry to Scandinavia’s largest waterpark. Our holiday homes are attractively located in the area around the Lalandia tropical holiday centre.

Practical Information:


Practical Information:

  • What is included in the price

    When you book a holiday at Lalandia, we have created the perfect setting for you as a family to relax and have fun together.

    • Your very own holiday home

    • Access to the Aquadome throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • Access to Monky Tonky Land throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • WiFi in your holiday home so entertainment is guaranteed when your family gathers together on the sofa

    • Cleaning of your holiday home once your holiday is over – so you’ll have extra time for all the fun

    • Lots of shows and entertainment

    • Multi-purpose pitches, child-friendly dwarf goats and other outdoor activities

    • A parking space by your holiday home

    We look forward to seeing you.

  • Dogs


    Your dog is welcome in the holiday home on payment of a cleaning supplement of DKK 249 per dog. We reserve the right to make price changes.

    However, only 2 dogs per holiday home. Please state this when booking. If you bring a dog without having prepaid the cleaning supplement, you will be charged a fee of DKK 1500.

    Please note that dogs must be kept on a lead in the holiday home area. Dogs must not be brought into the Lalandia Centre.

  • Lease terms


    If you wish to read our general lease terms, you can find them here

  • Internet


    There is wireless internet in all the holiday homes.

  • Parking


    All holiday homes at Lalandia in Billund have their own parking space. For the Classic 4 and Classic Plus 4 holiday homes, there is space for one car, while for the Design Plus 6, Nordic Plus 8 and Classic Plus 8 holiday homes there is space for two cars.

    You can park by the main entrance to the tropical holiday centre free for one hour. If you want to park for a longer period at the main entrance, you can see the prices here.

  • Disabled-friendly holiday homes


    Some of the holiday homes at Lalandia are specially equipped for disabled visitors. The holiday homes are on one level, and there is space to, for instance, move a wheelchair around the entire holiday home, as there are extra wide doors. The bathroom is equipped with toilet armrests, while the toilet itself is at an elevated height. In addition, there are handles for disabled use in the showers and by the hand basins. In the kitchen, the microwave oven can be operated at table height.

    If you want a holiday home adapted for disabled visitors, select a Classic Plus 4 or Classic Plus 8. Remember to specify that you want a disabled-friendly holiday home when booking your holiday.


    Here you can see what a disabled-friendly holiday home at Lalandia in Billund contains:
    • All doors are 10 cm wider than a standard door.

    • The terrace is made from hardwood and is level with the interior floor.

    • The kitchen interior is generally suitable for disabled users.

    • Additional parking area with grass reinforcement in front of the home facing the road.

    • There is a shower curtain and non-fixed shower partition by the shower cubicle.*

    • The toilet is fitted with 2 Ifö-brand support bars.*

    • The Oras Optima shower fixtures feature grab grips.*

    • The hand shower on the wall is an Oras Sesivia shower set with cord.*

    • 1 Pressalit Rehab angled handle in the shower cubicle.*

    • A grab grip is fitted to the hand basin and kitchen sink fixtures.*

    • The wall-mounted toilet is mounted 40 mm higher than in a standard holiday home.*

    • The hand basin in the bathroom is fitted without a base cabinet. Instead, the cabinets are fitted to the opposite wall.*

    * Only one of the two bathrooms in the Classic Plus 8 holiday home is fitted with the above disabled-friendly fixtures.

  • Smoking


    All Lalandia holiday homes are no-smoking, and this policy also applies for electronic or e-cigarettes. You are therefore not permitted to smoke in the holiday homes. Failure to comply will result in a cleaning fee of DKK 1,500 being payable.

  • Additional prices


    Charging box for electric cars
    Order a charging box and charge your electric car easily and conveniently in your holiday home. The charging box has a Type 2 connector.

    Charging box excl. electricity: 99 DKK

    Bed linen and towels:
    Order your linen package in advance so it is ready in your holiday home when you arrive.
    It contains a sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, plus two towels.
    Adult linen package: DKK 109.
    Child linen package: DKK 55.

    Energy consumption:
    Electricity: DKK 3.00 per kWh
    Water: DKK 95 per m3
    Heating DKK 1.10 per kWh
    Energy consumption covers the cost of your electricity, heat and water usage. All our holiday homes are heated by district heating. Please be aware that you are responsible for the costs of your heating consumption from 15.00 on your agreed arrival date until check-out on the date of your departure.

    Cleaning supplement per dog DKK 249.
    Max. 2 dogs per holiday home.
    Please state this when booking.

    We reserve the right to make price changes to additional prices and services.

    Contact us:
    If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to contact our service centre on tel. +45 7614 9470 or our booking department tel. +45 5461 0500

Classic 4

4 people
+ 1 child aged 0-2

Look inside

Classic Plus 4

4 people
+ 1 child aged 0-2

Look inside

Design Plus 6

6 people
+ 1 child aged 0-2

Look inside

Classic Plus 6

6 people
+ 1 child aged 0-2

Look inside

Nordic Plus 8

8 people
+ 1 child aged 0-2

Look inside

Classic Plus 8

8 people
+ 2 children aged 0-2

Look inside
  • A family relaxes on the terrace of a holiday home at Lalandia

Several generations at Lalandia

Invite your children and grandchildren to a relaxing stay at Lalandia, and make time for the whole family. Choose two homes, or stay in one of our large holiday homes with lots of bedrooms.

  • A family prepares food in their holiday home at Lalandia

Home-cooked meals

When you want to shop for a nice lunch, a refreshing brunch or a big family dinner, the best and freshest ingredients are right on your doorstep at the Lalandia Supermarket.

  • We have a barbecue on the terrace outside our very own holiday home at Lalandia

Barbecue fun on the terrace

Feel free to bring along your own barbecue and enjoy some time together around the barbecue on the terrace of your holiday home. Meat, vegetables and charcoal can all be purchased from our supermarket just around the corner, where you can even buy a barbecue or disposable barbecue.

Around the holiday homes

Play areas

  • A girl plays in the outdoor play area at Lalandia

Football pitches

  • A shot at goal on the football pitch

Bouncy castles

  • A girl laughs on the bouncy castle at Lalandia

Multi-purpose pitches

  • A father plays ball with his children on a multipurpose pitch at Lalandia

Around the holiday homes

  • Play areas

    Our holiday home areas feature fun play areas with climbing frames, playground spring animals and lots of other fun activities.

    Your children can play and have fun there all day long.

  • Football pitches

    Remember your football, so you can challenge the other children or family members to a fun game of football on one of our football pitches in the holiday home areas.

  • Bouncy castles

    All children love bouncy castles, and so do we. That’s why we have positioned them throughout our holiday home areas. So pop along for a bounce!

  • Multi-purpose pitches

    The fun multi-purpose pitches around the holiday home area have many purposes. Play football, handball, basketball and much more all year round. Time together for all the family.

Offers and discounts

Get one night free

Book 3 nights – pay only for 2
e.g. a holiday home for 4 people

From only

Long weekend with discount

Four-day break for 4 people

From only

Get two nights free

Book 5 nights – pay only for 3
e.g. a holiday home for 4 people

From only

Offers and discounts

  • Get one night free

    Book 3 nights – pay only for 2
    e.g. a holiday home for 4 people

    From only
  • Long weekend with discount

    Four-day break for 4 people

    From only
  • Get two nights free

    Book 5 nights – pay only for 3
    e.g. a holiday home for 4 people

    From only

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