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The press is always welcome to visit Lalandia in Rødby or in Billund for journalistic purposes. If you would like to visit Lalandia as a journalist, please send an e=mail to prior to your visit. Please note that a press pass does not give free admission to Lalandia without prior agreement.

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Lalandia and Espresso House expand partnership

31 March 2017

With the establishment of an Espresso House in Billund, Lalandia and Scandinavia’s largest chain of coffee bars, Espresso House, are expanding their partnership, which started with the establishment of a Baresso coffee bar at Lalandia in Rødby in 2014. A Baresso coffee bar was subsequently opened at Lalandia in Billund in 2016. The partners have thus now opened their third coffee bar.

“With the new Espresso House, we have a high-quality, tried-and-tested coffee concept. It is also positive for us that the brand will be well known by all of our guests who visit us each year from Norway and Sweden,” comments Jan Harrit, Managing Director of Lalandia.

Nickolas Krabbe Bjerg, CEO of Espresso House, is also equally enthusiastic about the expanded partnership. “The coffee bar will be the first Espresso House in Jutland. The location is unique and the coffee bar is being established in cooperation with a professional partner – so it is sure to be a success,” says Nickolas Krabbe Bjerg.

The new Espresso House in Billund opens in June.

About Espresso House
Espresso House is Scandinavia’s leading and fastest growing chain of coffee bars, with over 300 branches spread over four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Espresso House serves top-quality coffee from its own roasting house, cakes and bread baked in its own bakery and freshly-prepared salads and sandwiches. Espresso House has over 2000 passionate baristas, who all share our enthusiasm for coffee and the same vision: To give the world’s best coffee experience to the world’s best guests!

Record year and new attraction in Billund

10 March 2017

2016 was a fantastic year for Lalandia in Billund and Rødby. A record number of guests enjoyed the Aquadome and the many other activities offered by the two tropical holiday centres. The many guests who visit Billund in the future can now also look forward to a brand new attraction following the opening of the huge indoor “Twister” water slide today.

CEO Jan Harrit comments:
“We are really pleased about the excellent visitor numbers in 2016, and we look forward to 2017 being just as good, if not better. We are therefore also pleased to now be able to offer our guests in Billund a brand new attraction in the form of the “Twister” water slide. The 102-metre trip starts high up in the Aquadome, from where you rush down at high speed into a huge bowl for a few spins before your trip ends safely back down in a catch pool,” says Jan Harrit.

Watery success at the tropical holiday park

3 September 2015

Lalandia has had an incredible summer. Never before have so many guests visited the tropical holiday centres in Rødby and Billund as was the case in July and August.

“Large investments in new activities have ensured both Rødby and Billund were busy throughout the summer. Overall, we have had over 332,000 bathers in our Aquadomes during July and August, which is a record and 25,000 more than in 2014. This corresponds to an increase of 8 %,” explains Jan Harrit, Managing Director of Lalandia.

It is the new Wild River water slide in Billund – the longest in Europe – and a huge Aqua Splash Playground in Rødby that have helped to attract so many visitors.

“It has been fantastic to see so many guests enjoying themselves with us in the water throughout the summer, where the weather does not have such a decisive impact on the holiday experience as it does elsewhere,” says Harrit.

Jeanette sets a new European record

28 May 2015

Denmark’s swimming queen, Jeanette Ottesen, set a new European record at Lalandia in Billund on Thursday. It happened under slightly different conditions than normal – although still with water and speed as the focus – as Ottesen was the first person to go down Europe’s longest Wild River water slide. Wild River measures no less than 168 metres, and Ottesen’s trip took exactly 49.63 seconds to complete.

“We think it is wonderful that Jeannette Ottesen wanted to come here and try our new Wild River water slide. Although the Lalandia gold medal she received for her performance might not get a place in her trophy cabinet, we still hope it will be a European record she will remember. We will certainly remember it here at Lalandia, and we are also pleased that we can now offer our guests even more fun activities and more room to enjoy themselves. Wild River is a very popular water slide, and the fact that we now have the longest slide of its type in Europe is something to be proud of. We have also opened a new large outdoor swimming pool and a spa pool. We are sure that many people will take advantage of the new outdoor facilities as the summer gradually returns to Denmark,” says Jan Harrit, Managing Director of Lalandia.

Lalandia expands with huge Aqua Splash Playground

26 March 2015

On Thursday 26 March, Lalandia in Rødby will open its doors to this year’s best new water attraction. The huge new Aqua Splash Playground will be inaugurated, and anyone with a taste for water, games and speed can look forward to lots of fun bathing sessions.

Managing Director of Lalandia, Jan Harrit, is pleased to welcome everyone to the new facilities. 

“We have long had a desire to be able to offer our guests an area within the Aquadome where games and fun water activities would be the focus. We now have that with our Aqua Splash Playground, where a large number of activities offer hours of play. There will be water cannons and lots of surprises, for example, when the large water bucket at the top suddenly empties out many litres of water over those who ”dare” to stand underneath it,” says Harrit, who continues:

“The Aqua Splash Playground has been a huge investment, and we hope, of course, that it will help us to maintain our strong position in the industry. In addition to the many fun water activities, the expansion will also bring brand new water slides. The ”Black Hole” water slide is the longest, where speed and butterflies in the stomach are guaranteed all the way down its 71 metres. Two bodyslide water slides, 69 and 47 metres, will also provide lots of speed and fun times. We haven’t forgotten the little ones either – they can try out the gentle pace of our two smaller slides,” concludes Harrit.

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