Padel is for everyone

Want to have fun and a workout at the same time? Then bring your family and friends to the padel courts at Lalandia in Billund to enjoy a game of padel. Our large padel hall provides the perfect setting for both beginners and advanced players of this popular sport.

Practical Information:


Practical Information:

  • Prices

    Court, incl. racquets/bats:

    60 min. DKK 220 for singles court.
    60 min. DKK 300 for doubles court.

    Balls: 3 for DKK 50

    Residential guests with a Gold Wristband get 20% off when booking courts at Sport & Bowling.

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Padel at Lalandia

Getting started is easy

For beginners, it’s a great help that the court is surrounded by walls, as they act as barriers, ensuring that the ball stays within reach.

Padel bats and balls

In padel you use racquets or bats, which are flat with no strings. The balls are similar to a tennis ball. Beginners should play with a bat with a smooth surface, as they are easier to control.

An active holiday with the children

Padel is a sport for everyone and all ages, and is perfect as a fun, new activity to enjoy with the children. Learn something new, or practise your padel skills while on holiday.