Adventure Park

Enter the Adventure Park, where the 16-metre-high Adventure Tower stretches towards the sky. Maintain your balance on the challenging trails and enjoy the impressive views from high up. Look forward to exploring the fun activities in the park, which is filled with great activities for young and old.

Adventure Park is closed for the season – we will reopen in April.

Practical information:


Practical information:

  • Prices

    Obstacle courses in Adventure Tower

    High Trail (140 cm+): DKK 140
    Junior Trail (100 -140 cm): DKK 85

    You will need to book a time for High Trail.
    If you book one or more days in advance, you’ll need to book a time in Sport & Bowling.
    If you want to have a go on High Trail later the same day, you’ll need to book a time at Adventure Tower.

    Ziplines are part of the obstacle courses, and are included in the price.

    View Terrace: free entrance

    Other activities
    Mini go-kart track: DKK 10
    Mechanical diggers: DKK 10

    Teqball, table tennis, swingball, miniature football, trampolines and bouncy castle: free.

    NB: During strong winds, rain or thunderstorms, we suspend the activities in Adventure Park.

  • Opening hours

    Saturday 15. June

    10:00 - 17:30

    Sunday 16. June

    10:00 - 17:30

    Monday 17. June

    12:00 - 17:30

    Tuesday 18. June


    Wednesday 19. June

    12:00 - 17:30

    Thursday 20. June


    Friday 21. June


  • Rules

    Junior Trail

    For children aged 3-8 years with a height of 100-140 cm.

    High Trail

    For children over 10 years 140 cm + and adults. However, children under 10 years 140 cm + are admitted with an adult.
    Zip line 150 cm+

    Equipment on trails

    • Use solid shoes.

    • Glasses must be worn with a lanyard.

    • Headscarves must be tied below the chin.

    Not permitted

    • High heels or open sandals.

    • Scarves

    • Hair pins

    • Jewellery, especially rings, chains, piercings. Remove or cover with tape.

    • Loose objects e.g. keys, mobile phones etc.

    • Pointy objects e.g. selfie sticks, umbrellas etc.

    No entry

    To take good care of our guests there is no entry for pregnant women and persons:

    • Affected by alcohol or drugs.

    • With health problems.

    • That weigh more than 120 kg.

Feel the thrill of being up high

High trail

How about a bike ride at a height of 13 metres or a free fall? Here everyone can feel the adrenaline coursing through their body and discover their inner daredevil.

140 cm


Are you ready for a cool glide down from the top of Adventure Tower? Feel the wild adrenaline rush as you soar high in the air above Adventure Park – and remember to enjoy the view along the way.

150 cm

Junior Trail

With fun obstacle courses filled with challenges, our Junior Trail is an exciting activity for young children. Many of the most challenging elements of High Trail can be found in Junior Trail, just a little closer to the ground.

100 cm

View Terrace

Get close to the planes

Get close to the planes as they take off from Billund Airport – it’s great to see the huge planes up close, and guess where they might be going in the world.

Adventure Park


The idea behind Teqball was to develop a football-based game that could improve a player’s technical skills. The result was a fun and highly addictive game that tests both the body and mind. Why not give the popular Teqball a go – it’s winning new fans around the world all the time and is played in more than 130 countries.

Table tennis

Look forward to a fun time together as you play this well-known sport, which is entertaining for the whole family. Don’t forget revenge is sweet – why not give the popular Teqball a try?


An activity everyone can join in – see who is the best at hitting the ball. The game requires coordination, strength and motor skills and is fun for everyone in the family.

Miniature football

The small round pitches, where there is only a short distance between the goals, are perfect for the shortest legs in the family. With this sport, it’s a great advantage to be small, but also super fun to be big on the miniature pitch.

Mini go-kart track

This is the chance to unleash your inner racer and whizz around the track – avoiding the other cars is an art, but a source of great joy when you do hit them!

Price: DKK 10 per turn.


Is there anything better than jumping on a trampoline? Here the children can practise cool tricks or just jump high on the ground-level trampolines.

Bouncy castle

Here children can bounce away, and land softly. It’s an adventure to step inside the large bouncy castle and there is plenty of jumping fun for the very young.

Mechanical diggers

Let young adventurers explore the sand with mechanical diggers, and discover exciting games. Once the cool diggers start, little ones can let their imagination run wild as they move around on the sand.

Price: DKK 10 per turn.