Tropical holiday centre

At Lalandia you’ll find the Aquadome waterpark, Monky Tonky Land and a wealth of other fun activities, shops and restaurants.

Atmospheric surroundings

Choose a holiday centre in Denmark where all the fun is all under one roof. Visit our tropical holiday centre in central Jutland or Lalandia in Søndervig, on the west coast of Jutland. You can also visit our tropical holiday centre closer to Zealand: Lalandia in Rødby. At Lalandia in Billund and Rødby you’ll find our tropical holiday centre for children and adults built around a number of arcades, decked out in a style reminiscent of Mediterranean streets. The large covered arcades at Lalandia offer plenty of atmosphere, restaurants, activities and shopping opportunities.

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Huge playland and waterpark

With the two major focal points of the Lalandia Aquadome and Monky Tonky Land, Lalandia is not only a tropical holiday centre and waterpark in Denmark, but also a holiday centre with a playland, mini-golf, bowling, High Jump trampolines and much, much more. Whether you choose our tropical holiday centre in Billund in central Jutland, Søndervig on the west coast of Jutland, or Rødby, which is close to Zealand, you won’t have a wasted trip if you’re looking for somewhere suitable for children – especially if a holiday centre with a playland is top of your wish list.

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King winter has moved in

You may not be able to believe it, but it’s true; at Lalandia it is always winter with frost in the air – even in the middle of the summer. Discover the beautiful Winter World at Lalandia in Billund, where you can try the themed ice rink. You will also find a ice rink at Lalandia in Rødby, where you can forget about the season and join in our winter universe.

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Find your favourites

Has grandmother turned into an enthusiastic golf player? So play a round on the mini-golf course and enjoy the time together. At Lalandia you’ll find many different activities that you can share together. Try fun shuffleboard with the family, or let the children try out the fun High Jump trampolines. At Lalandia in Rødby and Billund there is also a sports hall, where you can challenge one another to mini-tennis and see once and for all who is heir to Björn Borg. At Lalandia in Søndervig you can try the cool Sky Rider, and view Lalandia from above. What will be your favourite experience at Lalandia?

On the stage

In the heart of Lalandia creativity and fun inventions flourish. See one of the entertaining shows with Monky Tonky at Lalandia in the Amphitheatre in Billund or the Square at Lalandia in Rødby. Here, children can also refine their dance steps at the children’s disco or be enthralled when Mr Plys rolls out with his entertaining performances. See what’s happening at Lalandia in Billund here and at Lalandia in Rødby here.

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In the open air

Denmark has many rainy days, but luckily Lalandia is great whether it’s raining or the sun is shining from a cloudless sky. Outdoors you can play in the many outdoor play areas or soak up the sun in the outdoor area of the Lalandia Aquadome. If you visit Lalandia in Søndervig or Rødby, you can also look forward to a wonderful trip to the beach, where you can enjoy the roar of the sea. The cute petting goats also await at Lalandia in Billund and Lalandia in Rødby.

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In the Aquadome wonderful jacuzzis and saunas await. Try our extraordinary Panoramic Sauna at Lalandia in Rødby or at Lalandia in Søndervig, and enjoy the view over the sea. Or give the youngest family members a wonderful experience in our great Biosauna at Lalandia in Billund, where we have reduced the temperature slightly to accommodate our youngest guests.

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Restaurants and shops

At Lalandia, we familiar with the taste buds of our youngest visitors, and we’re keen to pamper them. Choose a restaurant where you can immediately go to the buffet, or a dinner at Bone’s, where you will all be served your favourite dish. Remember to take a coffee break – perhaps at Espresso House. If you want to cook your food in your holiday home, you’ll find the ingredients in Lalandia Supermarket or Lalandia Minimarket & Bakery at Lalandia in Søndervig. Once you’ve eaten, you can explore the many exciting shops where, thanks to their huge variety, you can buy swimming trunks if you’ve forgotten your own or get inspiration for home decoration.