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Your holiday is protected against any possible forced closure of the whole of Lalandia or the Aquadome, or the border closing. You will receive a voucher for a new stay, valid for three years, free of charge. Read more.

Whitsun holiday at Lalandia

No matter how many days holiday Whitsun 2021 offers your family, Lalandia is the perfect destination for a mini-break during Whitsun, with a wealth of activities on offer. Here everything is on offer, from a huge waterpark to a fun, challenging playland, lots of great restaurants and fabulous shops.


Practical Information:

  • What is included in the price

    When you book a holiday at Lalandia, we have created the perfect setting for you as a family to relax and have fun together.

    • Your very own holiday home

    • Access to the Aquadome throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • Access to Monky Tonky Land throughout your stay, including on the day of your departure

    • WiFi in your holiday home so entertainment is guaranteed when your family gathers together on the sofa

    • Cleaning of your holiday home once your holiday is over – so you’ll have extra time for all the fun

    • Lots of shows and entertainment

    • Multi-purpose pitches, child-friendly dwarf goats and other outdoor activities

    • A parking space by your holiday home

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Price example
    The price example of from 420 is valid for two nights during the period 21.05-24.05 2021 in a Comfort 4 holiday home at Lalandia in Rødby.

  • A safe holiday – starting with your booking

    In the event of Lalandia temporarily closing, you’ll get a voucher for a new stay. Book your 2021 holiday now and get a free Security Package that allows you to cancel and rebook for 0 Euro. Your safety and confidence is our top priority – both when you book and during your stay, when we’ll be following all the official guidelines.

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Spoil the family at Whitsun

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Whitsun holiday
Lalandia in Billund

During the great Whitsun holiday there are always experiences. Get a jump on the summer heat in the tropical Aquadome, give the children fun play experiences in Monky Tonky Land and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the Plaza.

Whitsun holiday
Lalandia in Rødby

A range of activities await at Whitsun: splash around in the water in the waterpark and let the children run wild in Monky Tonky Land. The beach is just a stone’s throw from Lalandia, and is perfect for lovely walks.

Activities and fun during the Whitsun holiday

  • Try Scandinavia’s largest waterpark at Whitsun

Lalandia Aquadome™

It will shortly be summer – and you can enjoy the tropical summer atmosphere all year in the Aquadome. There are activities for both young and old here during Whitsun.

Billund Rødby

  • Have a Whitsun holiday break

Monky Tonky Land

Monky Tonky is wild about Whitsun. So he gets visits from playful children and happy adults. Come inside the large playland and let the children discover all the exciting activities for the Whitsun holiday.

Billund Rødby

  • Whitsun holiday with time together at Lalandia

Games and fun

Enjoy having the whole family gathered in the Whitsun holiday and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the fun games and activities together. At Lalandia there are always activities to suit every taste.

Billund Rødby

Other holidays

The year is filled with wonderful school holidays that provide excellent opportunities for family time. Whenever you visit Lalandia, you’re guaranteed wonderful experiences for both young and old during your holiday. Relax in the tropical waterpark and enjoy your time together with fun activities for young and old. At Lalandia we work hard to make every holiday extra special – and fortunately there are plenty of holidays to choose from.

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