Guide: How to make Shrovetide buns successfully

30. januar 2017

It’s just more fun when Shrove buns are light and fluffy and the filling stays in place inside the buns.

But how? We’ve coaxed 5 tips from one of the talented chefs who satisfy our hungry employees at Lalandia every day.

  1. Stir the dough slooowly
    Dough is like a baby. It should be treated with love and care.

  2. Add the flour a little at a time
    You may not need to use the full 500 g of flour. Note if the dough is pliable – if it is, there is sufficient flour in the dough.

  3. Leave the dough to rise slightly again once it has been kneaded and is ready to be formed into buns
    This helps the yeast to prove and creates light and fluffy buns.

  4. Sprinkle a little flour over the cake filling when it is spread on the squares before assembling the buns.
    The flour prevents the filling from running out of the bun.

  5. Check the crumb
    Have you kneaded the bun just right? You can check that by cutting into the baked bun – if there are small holes in the bun, you need to knead the dough longer next time.

Get the recipe for Monky Tonky’s Shrovetide buns here