Family holiday

Get respite from everyday life at Lalandia. Here you can put your foot down and fill your suitcase with amazing experiences. You can also wind the tempo down. Adjust your watches to Lalandia time and enjoy everything from bedtime stories to evening relaxation on the terrace being a bit more fun when you don’t need to do anything other than just be together.

A guide to a wonderful holiday for all

Families are different and family members can be like night and day. But that’s not a problem – at Lalandia there are experiences for all the family, so you can all enjoy yourselves together, even if you are different. Below you will find ideas for experiences for the most daring water fans, splashing monsters and little ducklings, so you can all experience a wonderful family holiday filled with experiences, just right for you.

  • Take a family holiday at Lalandia

Splashing around for water fans, splashing monsters and little ducklings

The most daring water fans
The Aquadome is truly heaven for the family’s most daring water fans. Try the wild fun Tornado, guaranteed to put butterflies in your stomach with its free fall or race the waves in the wave pool. After delightful hours in the Aquadome, daring water fans can become adventurous landlubbers in the fun Monky Tonky Land, where you can swing on the creepers and rush down the fun water slides. Click to find out more about Monky Tonky Land in Rødby, Billund or Søndervig.

Curious splashing monsters
For splashing monsters, it’s great fun to explore the waterpark in the heated pools featuring activities carefully adapted to our youngest guests. If you want a little more, the Aqua Splash Playground at the heart of the Aquadome is an excellent choice. Read more about the water playgrounds in the Aquadome in Rødby, Billund or Søndervig. Splashing monsters also enjoy Monky Tonky Land, where there are also activities for the slightly younger and more cautious children.

Small bathing ducklings
The very youngest will also get to enjoy the heated pools and the fun colours and shapes in the impressive Aquadome. Changing facilities are never far away, and our staff in the waterpark’s restaurant are always happy to warm a bottle to satisfy any hunger. You can leave your pram in the centre so when it’s time for a nap you can put the little one down and head towards one of the many cafés and restaurants if you need a coffee, a snack or a delicious lunch.

Oases for mum and dad

Seize the opportunity to spoil yourself at Lalandia on your family holiday and look forward to some relaxation far away from everyday life. The Aquadome offers wonderful aromatherapy saunas several times a day – read more about aromatherapy saunas at Lalandia in Billund, Rødby and Søndervig. If you are holidaying with older children, or with your children’s grandparents, there may also be an opportunity to drink coffee together just the two of you. Baresso is the obvious choice, as here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee prepared by our skilled baristas, while your sweet tooth will get an extraordinary treat.

Your home on holiday

A short distance from the tropical holiday centre is your holiday home, which you can head back to when you need to relax after a great day. Choose a holiday home that suits the size of your family and remember that you are welcome to bring your dog along on a family holiday. When booking your holiday, please remember to tell us so we can ensure that we find you a holiday home that welcomes dogs. View the holiday homes at Lalandia Rødby here, view the holiday homes at Lalandia in Billund here or take a look inside the holiday homes in Søndervig here.

  • Make time for one another on a family holiday at Lalandia

Tips for planning

If you have a busy life, it can be difficult to find time to plan your holiday. That’s why we have gathered together some to-do lists, information on everything from parking to Wi-Fi and much more, so that the planning is done with and you can spend your time looking forward to a wonderful family holiday. Plan your visit to Lalandia in Billund here, get a handle on your packing list for Lalandia in Søndervig here and find important information on your visit to Lalandia in Rødby here.

We wish you a truly wonderful respite from everyday life.