Your visit to Lalandia in Rødby

Are you unsure about any of the practical details regarding your stay at Lalandia? How you register your arrival, what you have to remember, whether there is internet access and all the other issues that may arise – you can find useful information on this page for before, during and after your holiday at Lalandia.

Before your trip


Order linen


Disabled access and companion scheme

Sunflower lanyard for guests with a hidden disability/diagnosis

Changing your booking


Where will we stay

We have lowered the temperature in your holiday home

What is the arrival procedure for your holiday home

Early arrival

Late arrival

How do we get access to experiences?

Where can you park by the holiday homes?

During your stay

Charging an electric car

Your own food



Video surveillance



Security firm

Rules of behaviour in the Aquadome

Rules of behaviour in the Lalandia Centre

If there is an accident

Pay with your wristband

Activity Cards and Gold Wristbands


Do we need to do any cleaning?

Paying for energy consumption


Late departure

Defects and damage