Shrovetide party for children

At Lalandia in Rødby, we look forward to February every year. Here, we welcome you to our wonderful Shrovetide party, which is always full of happy children, entertainment and lots of fun Shrovetide activities.

Holiday with Shrovetide party

  • We “beat the cat out of the barrel” during carnival time at Lalandia

Cat out of the barrel

We beat the cat out of the barrel and announce the cool cat kings, cat queens and the best fancy dress costumes.

Sunday 11 February at 10.00 in the sports hall.

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Remember your costume

Remember to find space in your suitcase for your costumes when you go to Lalandia.

We look forward to seeing tough ninjas, beautiful princesses and spooky ghosts for perhaps the world’s most fun “cat out of the barrel” celebration.


If you have any questions about the event, you are welcome to contact us on telephone +45 5461 0595 or