Activities for all the family

At Lalandia in Søndervig there are lots of fun activities for the whole family. Compete against each other in shuffleboard, bounce high in the air on the High Jump trampolines, try a wealth of games in Little Vegas or let the children run wild in the huge Monky Tonky Land. Enter the tropical holiday centre and enjoy hours of fun.

Practical information:


Practical information:

  • Prices

    Sky Rider
    50 DKK

    Click and Go High climbing walls:
    15 min. DKK 40

    High Jump (Trampoline):
    5 min. DKK 45

    25 min. DKK 100
    55 min. DKK 150

  • Book sessions

    Pop by Sport & Fun and book your sessions. You’ll find us in the central building by the blue awnings, or call us on tel. +45 8830 6576.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Remember the time – unfortunately, we'll have to reallocate your slot if you don't arrive at the time booked.

  • Activity card

    Purchase an activity card and get a discount on Sky Rider, trampolines and much more.
    The card has a value of DKK 500, but only costs DKK 400. The card can be purchased at Sport & Fun.

  • Fun Pack

    Buy a Fun Pack for just DKK 140 (save DKK 35) and get access to:

    • Click & Go High

    • Sky Rider

    • High Jump trampolines

    Included in the pack is a small cup of popcorn and a small slushy.

    With a Fun Pack, you can try the listed activities once. Available to purchase at Sport & Fun.

Sky Rider

Max 187 cm
25-110 kg

Speed and Swing

Sky Rider is a combination of a slide and a zipline. As you whizz through the turns of the 77 metre long ride, Sky Rider gives you the unique feeling of flying through the air at high speed.

High jump

Open today: 09:30 - 20:30

View all opening hours

Play and win

Little Vegas

Enjoy the super fun Little Vegas, where you’ll find entertainment for the whole family with a wide range of popular arcade games and activity machines. We have fun and entertainment for boys and girls of all ages.


Enjoy a fun game of shuffleboard, which is reminiscent of curling – the key words are technique and precision. Send the puck off down the long wooden court and score plenty of points. Who’ll be your shuffleboard champion?

Click and go High

Open today: 09:30 - 20:30

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Fun challenges

Test yourselves and unleash your imagination on our super fun climbing challenges. Play and have fun, or challenge family or friends to a cool climbing challenge face-to-face on our transparent climbing wall.

Climbing for all

Regardless of age and experience, we guarantee fun experiences. At Click and Go High climbing, you’re secured to each climbing wall, so you can climb to the top with peace of mind, compete against each other and climb to your heart’s content. Here, it’s all about having fun.

The great Monky Tonky Mystery

Mystery map

  • Mysteriekort

Bathing rings

  • Baderinge på afveje

Tricky questions

  • Listige spørgsmål


  • Medalje
  • Mystery map

    Collect a mystery map from Sport & Bowling – it provides clues and guides you to the farthest corners of Lalandia. With the map in your hand you can see where your next question and bathing ring can be found.

  • Bathing rings

    The missing bathing rings have ended up in the funniest places, and so you’ll need to be an observant detective when trying to find them. One bathing ring has even strayed outside Lalandia.

  • Tricky questions

    The mystery map can help when you have to answer questions like “What is Monky Tonky’s favourite food?” Hmm …. On the map you can see how many letters the answer contains.

  • Medal

    Once you have answered all the questions, your answer will form a special word. That word will earn you a beautiful medal to remind you of your detective work at Lalandia.