Discover Søndervig

The holiday homes at Lalandia are a short walk from the pleasant seaside and shopping town of Søndervig. Visit the charming shops, taste the local specialties and give yourself time to be surprised along the way. The atmospheric seaside resort has much to offer.


Shopping in a cosy atmosphere

Søndervig offers a wide range of shops. There is always something to look at, whether you are looking for a unique souvenir, a summer dress, kites, toys for the children or maybe some delicious local delicacies to take home with you.

Specialties in Søndervig

Shop for a wonderful dinner in your holiday home. Søndervig is full of wonderful local produce, such as freshly caught fish, local “vesterhavsost” cheese, blueberries, rosehips, sea buckthorn berries and much more – everything you need for a delicious meal in your holiday home.

The west coast’s finest supermarket

Søndervig’s large Meny supermarket has its own delicatessen, fish and meat departments. There is also a well-stocked bakery section, a wine department with exclusive wines from around the world – and of course a great ice cream bar.

Atmospheric Søndervig

An expanding seaside resort
The attractive seaside resort, which has been a popular destination since the nineteenth century, offers much more than just beach and sea. The town exudes ambience and atmosphere wherever you go.

The town’s shops
Whether you’re looking for handicrafts, clothes, shoes or something else, you’ll find a great selection in Søndervig. Søndervig is a relaxing resort, where you can safely relax, drop your shoulders and take your time to explore the different shops. And many shops are also open on Sundays – even in winter, so there’s always a chance to find what you want.

Flea market
The town’s car boot sale is full of unique finds. As you walk around the market, you can chat with the sellers and perhaps find out the history behind your latest purchase. You can hunt for beautiful retro finds and vintage items from Easter all the way through to the autumn holiday.