Experiences around Lalandia in Søndervig

Enjoy even more experiences on your holiday – visit our great neighbors. Explore the local area with your family. You’re guaranteed unique, unexpected experiences.

Take a trip

Experience the power of nature at Naturkraft

Discover a natural universe that challenges the senses and gives the human body something to work on. Naturkraft provides you with a fun day for all the family – through play you can learn more about the nature of west Jutland and its powerful forces.

Fishing trips for all the family

In and around Søndervig there are fantastic opportunities for unique fishing experiences for all the family – why not try herring fishing, jump onboard a fishing boat or enjoy the natural surroundings at a put & take fishing lake?

Water skiing for all

Enjoy a very special holiday experience – try your hand at water skiing. Visit Kabelpark® in Hvide Sande and try out the super cool sport. Open to anyone aged eight years and above.

Candle making

Is there anything more enjoyable than indulging in making your own candle? At Klosterdesign in Ringkøbing you can make your very own candle – choose from 30 different colours and various sizes.

  • Adventure Park

Adventure Park

In Adventure Park you can challenge each other in handball golf or mini-golf, and see who is fastest on their feet in football golf and football pool. Look forward to lots of fun for all the family.

  • Get up close to the world’s largest birds at Jette’s Ostrich Farm

Discover Denmark’s largest ostrich farm

Get up close to the world’s largest birds at Jette’s Ostrich Farm in Kloster, Ringkøbing. You can take a guided tour or explore on your own. You will also find a café and farm shop on site.

Flea market

Go on a treasure hunt at the local car boot sale in Søndervig and find a bargain with your family. Look forward to finding some unique souvenirs and a friendly chat with the sellers.

Experiences near Søndervig

Experiences for the whole family
In Søndervig there is a wide range of experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Here you’ll find activities as different as making your own beautiful candle to water-skiing..

Water-skiing at Hvide Sande
Visit Kabelpark at Hvide Sande, where, with a firm grasp on the cable handle, you are pulled over the water. Enjoy the ride – suitable for beginners as young as eight years old. You can choose whether you want to book for the introductory sessions in the morning, or just stop by during opening hours and book a session.

Flowers in hiding
They are often overlooked, because the beautiful North Sea gets all the attention – but the dunes near the beach actually conceal the finest flowers. In spring, especially you can find many beautiful flowers such as yarrow, hare’s-foot clover and field scabious. They make beautiful decorations in a vase in your holiday home, but you can also enjoy drying and framing them once you get home. That way you will have a very special memory of your holiday.

Kite-flying near the North Sea
The wind on the west coast of Denmark is perfect for kite flying. Make your own kite or purchase one in Søndervig so you’re ready to take off. A mini-kite festival is held in Søndervig in August, where you can participate in workshops and design your own kites. The event is also for beginners.

Flea market and candles
The car boot sale in Søndervig is a huge draw because there are always amazing discoveries to be made among the many stalls. Here you can also hear the story behind that special find that you can’t return home without, with a huge variety of items to look at. At Kloster Design in Ringkøbing you can make your own candle, among other things, and choose between a large number of colours and sizes.

Fishing for all the family
The whole family can enjoy fishing – bring a picnic and maybe some games, colouring books or other things for the children if they are of an age where sitting still can be a bit of a challenge.

On board a fishing boat
Hop on board a fishing boat and experience the environment in and around the fjord. At Bork Harbour, among other places, you’ll find fishing boats that offer fishing trips for the whole family.

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