Lease terms

Here you can read the general lease terms for Lalandia in Søndervig. We recommend that our guests read through the lease terms thoroughly when booking a stay.

Lease terms for Lalandia in Søndervig

Privately-owned holiday homes

The holiday homes are privately owned and Lalandia acts as an agent for leasing them. The lease confirmation is a binding agency agreement that is entered into directly between the lessee and Lalandia. The lease covers the relevant holiday home and all its contents as listed in the description of the holiday home. The number of residents in the holiday home must be no more than is stated in the description. Once the lease has been entered into, the lessee declares that they are 18 years or older and that they are legally competent.

Booking and payment

  • Telephone booking
    Immediately following receipt of a booking by telephone, the lease confirmation will be sent by e-mail with a link for online payment. On receipt of the lease confirmation, the 1st payment, equivalent to 25% of the lease sum, must be paid. This must be paid no later than 48 hours from when you booked your stay. When booking less than 30 days before arrival, the entire lease sum must be paid. Note: Your stay will be automatically cancelled if the 1st payment is not paid by the payment deadline.

  • Online booking
    When booking online, the 1st payment must be paid immediately. The remaining sum (2nd payment) must be paid no later than 30 days before the arrival date. When booking less than 30 days before arrival, the entire lease sum must be paid.

  • Non-payment of 2nd payment
    If the 2nd payment has not been paid by 20 days before arrival, Lalandia is entitled to cancel the lease. Any sum paid (the 1st payment) will not be refunded. For more information, see under ‘Cancelling leases’.

  • Payment by bank transfer
    On receipt of the lease confirmation, it is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that periods and home types are correct.

Check of lease confirmation

On receipt of the lease confirmation, it is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure that periods and home types are correct.

Changing a reservation

Any change more than 15 days before arrival is possible on payment of an amendment fee of 250 DKK per reserved holiday home must be paid. An amendment fee must be paid for the following changes: shortening a stay, changing the arrival date or holiday home type, or moving a stay between holiday centres. The amendment fee is not charged when: Purchasing a supplement for a dog, bed linen or extending a stay. It is not possible to change a reservation less than 15 days before arrival.

Cancelling leases

When cancelling a lease more than 30 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of DKK 250 per reserved holiday home must be paid. When cancelling between 30 days and 20 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 25% of the full lease sum must be paid. If you cancel less than 20 days before the arrival date, nothing will be refunded. If the full sum has not yet been paid, Lalandia is entitled to demand payment of the full lease sum.

Fees on credit cards

Payments by credit card are subject to a fee in accordance with the relevant rules and rates set by the card issuer. You can see the fee amount on your receipt.

Lalandia Security Package

We recommend including our Security Package when you book a stay at Lalandia. That way you can feel reassured if you receive an invitation to a special party or other event that means you need to change or cancel your booking. This coverage is not included in your own insurance or your payment card’s cancellation insurance, but is only available with the Lalandia Security Package. The Security Package also provides cover for sickness. The Security Package costs DKK 249 per holiday home and must be booked together with your stay.

How you are covered

Below you can see the cover provided by the Security Package if you need to make a change more than 15 days or less than 15 days before arrival.

More than 15 days before arrival

  • Changing your arrival date
    You can change your booking whatever the reason and at no extra cost – there’s no amendment fee, you just pay any difference between your current stay and the new one.

  • Cancelling your stay
    You are free to cancel your stay. The only cost is the price of the Security Package.

Less than 15 days before arrival

  • Sickness before or during your stay
    As regards sickness, the Security Package covers both sickness before your stay, or if you are really unlucky, sickness during your stay at Lalandia, as well as any illness, accident or death that affects the lessee, a spouse, children, parents or siblings.
    If you have to cut short your stay, please make sure to inform the Service Centre upon departure. The reason for cancelling/interrupting the stay must be documented by a doctor, and a doctor’s certificate must reach Lalandia within 7 days of cancellation/interruption of the stay. If you have chosen to include the Security Package and need to cancel your stay, you will be refunded a sum equivalent to the remainder of your stay.


Your dog is welcome in the holiday home on payment of a cleaning supplement of DKK 249 per dog. We reserve the right to make price changes. However, only 2 dogs per holiday home. Please inform us if you intend to bring pets when you book or at least 15 days before your arrival. If you bring a pet without having prepaid the cleaning supplement, you will be charged a fee of 1500 DKK. On the grounds of your holiday home and in the holiday home area, you must keep your dog on a leash for the sake of the neighbors.

Charging electric cars

It is illegal to charge your electric car at your holiday home – use one of the eight Clever charging stations for electric cars at the Lalandia Centre.

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The lease price includes

Use of the holiday home and the equipment inside during the lease period, free entry to the Aquadome, plus final cleaning on departure.

Variation in the holiday homes

Please be aware that the furnishing of the holiday homes may vary and individual holiday homes may have equipment in addition to that listed in sales material. Within the individual categories of holiday homes, there may be some variation in the holiday home’s design, building materials, building style and decor.

Arrival and departure

Check in from 15.00. Check out no later than 10.00. However, on January 1st check-out is no later than 13.00. Residential guests have access to the Aquadome on the day of departure. See overview of opening times for the centre at

Lalandia Centre’s opening hours

On days after a day on which we are closed, the Lalandia Centre opens at 14.00.

On Sundays before a Monday when we are closed, the Lalandia Centre closes at 17.00.

For more details, see under “What’s happening”.

The location of your holiday home

Information on the road name for the holiday home and guidance on using a pin code for the home. We will try to place groups travelling together as close to each other as possible. Please specify any specific location requests on order. However, we cannot guarantee a specific location.


For school, sports and group travellers, a deposit of 1,500 DKK per holiday home must be paid. The deposit must be paid when paying for the stay. This sum will be returned no later than 2 weeks after departure provided there are no problems or damage to the holiday home.

Cleaning and final cleaning

Day-to-day cleaning must be performed by the lessee. Cleaning supplies can be found in the holiday home. Final cleaning of the holiday home is included in the accommodation charge. Guests are themselves responsible for washing up, emptying the dishwasher and tidying up prior to departure, including taking all waste to the recycling stations.


All Lalandia holiday homes are non-smoking, and this policy also applies for electronic or e-cigarettes. You are therefore not permitted to smoke in the holiday homes. Failure to comply will result in a cleaning fee of 1,500 DKK being payable.

The lessee's responsibilities

The lessee is obliged to respect the rules of behaviour in force for the holiday home area. The lessee is fully responsible for the holiday home's equipment. Problems and damage caused by the lessee must be paid for by the lessee on departure. The person who has signed the lease is thereby also responsible for damage caused by other residents in the holiday home during the lease period. The lessee consents, when booking a stay, to Lalandia passing on the lessee’s personal data in the form of name, address, e-mail and rental period to the holiday home owner’s insurance company in the event of lessee damage to the holiday home during the lease period. The maximum number of residents for holiday homes is stated in the price list. At least one person over 18 years of age must be resident in the holiday home throughout the stay.

Energy consumption

The lessee pays for their own consumption in the holiday home. We will automatically deduct the sum from the payment card you used to pay for your stay. The prices are indicative in proportion to the market. We therefore reserve the right to change prices.

  • Cost of the energy consumption in Søndervig:
    Electricity and heating 3.50 DKK per kWh
    Water 95 DKK per m3

The prices are indicative in proportion to the market. We therefore reserve the right to change prices.


Even if we do our best to make your holiday something special, problems can sometimes arise. If you are unhappy about a matter relating to your holiday or the rental of your holiday home, please contact Lalandia in the first instance. The best way to do this is to contact the Service Centre during your stay so that we can rectify the problem. If you would like to complain after you return home, you can write to us within 7 days of departure at

The holiday home’s surroundings

As the entire area, including the tropical holiday Centre and the holiday homes, has been newly built, outdoor areas may still be in the establishment and construction phase.

Specific complaint options

If we are unable to come to a resolution together, you can file a complaint with Ankenævnet for Feriehusudlejning, Denmark’s holiday rentals ombudsman, at or via the EU’s complaints platform

Personal data

When you book a holiday home at Lalandia, we save your personal data for a year after your departure. When you agree to receive marketing, such as our newsletters, we store data as long as there is consent. Get an overview of what data Lalandia saves, as well as how to withdraw consent here.

The lessee consents to Lalandia – as the agency for the holiday homes – passing on the lessee’s surname and nationality to the holiday home owner. The lessee alone enters into an agreement with Lalandia for lease of the holiday homes, but as the holiday homes are ultimately owned by private individuals, we will, in the event of lessee damage to a holiday home, provide the lessee’s personal data in the form of name, address, e-mail address and lease period to the holiday home owner and their insurance company.


The minimum age for lessees is 18 years.

Prices and discounts

Discounts cannot be combined.

Our prices are continuously adjusted. The current prices can be found on our website. We do our utmost to avoid technical errors in our pricing, but reserve the right to withdraw a deal due to typing and/or printing errors. We make reservations for price changes.

Force majeuree

Lalandia may cancel or interrupt the lease due to force majeure, understood to include: war, riots, strike, lock-out, oil and petrol rationing, border closures, epidemics, natural and pollution catastrophes or similar events. In the event of force majeure, Lalandia is obliged to inform the lessee as soon as possible. In such circumstances, Lalandia will not be liable for any compensation or repayment of sums received.

Lalandia is cctv-monitored.