In our Minimarket you’ll find a large selection of freshly baked bread – everything you need for your holiday home and holiday. In the Aquadome Shop you’ll find the latest in swimwear and bathing equipment – as well as a large selection of great children’s clothes. Stop by for great purchases.

Lalandia Minimarket

Open today: 07:30 - 20:00

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Freshly baked breakfast rolls

We stock a selection of delicious, freshly baked bread, juice, cheese, milk and yoghurt – perfect for a tasty breakfast with the whole family.

Fun in your holiday home

If you’re looking for family fun in your holiday home, stop by our large sweet and snack section. There you’ll find everything the heart desires from sweets, potato chips and soft drinks.

Aquadome Shop

Open today: 10:00 - 20:00

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Shop for your children

Shop for great new clothes for your children. The Aquadome Shop sells a large selection of trendy and comfortable children's clothing of good quality and cool design. Come in and explore the great offers.

Swimwear and swimming goggles

The Aquadome Shop offers a huge selection of swimwear and bikinis, as well as swimming goggles, beach towels and water wings. So stop by and upgrade your wardrobe for the beach or Aquadome.

Monky Tonky Factory

Create a souvenir

Our in-store hosts are ready to give children a great experience. Once the cuddly toy is finished, you can give it a name. It also gets a certificate showing its name and date of birth.

Entry to the Aquadome

Day tickets for the Aquadome

If you want to buy day tickets for the Aquadome, you can also do this in the Aquadome Shop. Please note that the ticket is only valid for one entry.

Remember nappy swimming costumes

Please note that children from 3 years of age and under must wear a nappy swimming costume in the Aquadome – even if your child no longer uses a nappy. We recommend that children wear a swim nappy under their nappy swimming costume. Children over 3 years of age still using a nappy must also wear a nappy swimming costume. Bring your own or buy them from the Aquadome Shop.