01. januar 2016

Many new attractions at Lalandia

If you didn’t get a chance to visit Lalandia in 2015, you can look forward to visiting us even more. 2015 was a year of major new attractions and a record number of visitors, who got to experience, among other things, the new Aqua Splash Playground at Lalandia in Rødby and the new outdoor Wild River at Lalandia in Billund.

Lalandia in Rødby:

This year’s major new attraction at Lalandia in Rødby was the huge Aqua Splash Playground, which, with a total of 5 water slides, offers hours of enjoyment for anyone keen on water, fun and speed. Experience the rush when the giant bucket empties 1,200 litres of water all at once.

The Lalandia Aquadome at Lalandia in Rødby has been expanded with the new Aqua Splash Playground, which together with the Tornado, Wild River, Pipeline and all the other fun activities, offer absolutely world-class watery experiences. New changing facilities, divided into sections for men and women, have been constructed in connection with the expansion of the Aquadome.

New arrival and entrance area – with genuine palms

The whole area around the main entrance has been attractively renovated and welcomes you with genuine palms all year round.

Baresso Café

Our Café has been renovated and changed to the famous concept from Baresso. You can enjoy all the delicious and well-known coffee varieties from Baresso when you visit Lalandia in Rødby. There is plenty of room for relaxation both in and around the café. In addition to the coffee experience, Baresso at Lalandia in Rødby also has various dishes on the menu, including breakfast, sandwiches and salads. Our recently trained coffee experts will be ready to welcome you.

Look forward to a brand new Lalandia in Rødby.

  • Aqua Splash Playground with fun activities offering watery experiences
  • Aqua Splash Playground for anyone who likes water, fun and speed
  • Aqua Splash Playground huge water playground with 5 water slides
  • Changing facilities with divided changing room
  • Well-known coffee variants from Baresso
  • New arrival and entrance area – with genuine palms
  • The Wild River, with its 168 metres of rushing water and fun twists and turns
  • Wild River – first-class entertainment for all water-lovers

Lalandia in Billund:

On 28 May, Scandinavia’s largest waterpark, the Lalandia Aquadome in Billund, was expanded with another water slide and a new large outdoor pool area. Since the opening, which featured a visit from Jeanette Ottesen, who set a world record in the new Wild River, the Wild River, with its 168 metres of rushing water and fun twists and turns has offered first-class entertainment for all water-lovers.

Your trip starts inside the Aquadome and then moves into the open air. Halfway down you can float out into our new outdoor pool, or you can continue into the Aquadome. The new Wild River is open all year round.

Outdoor pool area

Enjoy the new outdoor area with lounge chairs and spa pool at the Aquadome. Here you can enjoy the warm water in the large spa pool, or swim and play in a brand new outdoor pool, which will be heated all year round.

We look forward to seeing you.