New: Tesla Supercharger stations

Now charging your electric car is even faster when you visit Lalandia in Søndervig and Lalandia in Billund. The Tesla Supercharger stations are ready to use by the main entrances to the two centres.

10. april 2024

Open to all electric vehicles
The charging stations are equipped with a 3-metre CCS cable, which can be easily connected to the charging port of any electric car. All electric cars can make use of the up to 250 kW charging speed, while a Tesla can charge a range of up to 275 kilometres in 15 minutes. Other electric cars use the Tesla mobile app to start and finish charging, and pay for the charging.

The flag of Denmark and fourth-generation technology
One of the new charging stations at Lalandia in Søndervig bears the flag of Denmark, which marks it as the 500th of its kind in Denmark. The new Supercharger stations are the first to feature fourth-generation technology, also called V4, in Denmark.

Make the most of your charging time
Why not make use of the time your car is parked and getting ready for the trip home or an excursion into the area around Lalandia? Let your children loose on the large playground by the main entrance and pick up some delicious barista coffee and tasty snacks for the drive at Espresso House in Lalandia.

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