Lalandia Baby Lounge

Welcome to our cosy Baby Lounge, where you can relax and attend to the needs of the youngest members of the family in peace and quiet.

25. oktober 2016

Peaceful, cosy surroundings are best when feeding or changing the very young, so here at Lalandia in Billund and Lalandia in Rødby we have designed a special area with a focus on the youngest members of the family.

The Baby Lounge is equipped with changing facilities and soft furniture so you can sit down in comfort. Enjoy your time in the Baby Lounge and let the little ones recharge their batteries for lots of fun with the rest of the family.

A little oasis for the youngest in Denmark’s two best tropical holiday centres.

  • Baby lounge in Lalandia in Rødby
  • Baby lounge in Lalandia in Billund