New attractions in Billund

If you didn’t visit Lalandia in Billund in 2019, then you can look forward to discovering all the new attractions.

The year was marked by real highs and lots of speed, as we added both the Adventure Tower and Turbo Racer to our collection of activities at Lalandia. There was also good news for the taste buds – a brand new restaurant opened in the Aquadome.

12. december 2019

Adventure Tower
You are guaranteed an adrenaline rush and high fives in the new Adventure Tower. The tower is filled with wild challenges for tough adventurers with an appetite for everything from free falls to a bike ride at a height of 13 metres. For the youngest there is an obstacle course specially adapted for young children, but still filled with fun and challenging elements. At the top of the tower you can enjoy the View Terrace, with views of both the airport and LEGOLAND®.

Turbo Racer
The new waterslide is superfast thanks to its unique construction, and the steep descent provides a great sense of free fall. Your trip starts high up in the Aquadome, goes full speed over Lazy River and on to the bottom, where you can see your speed on the speedometer. You’ll quickly see who’s the speed demon in your family.

  • Adventure Tower at Lalandia in Billind
  • Explore the wild tower with its challenging obstacle courses high above the ground
  • Turbo Racer at Lalandia in Billund
  • urbo Racer water slide has opened at Lalandia in Billund
  • Experience the wildest rush
  • The water slide features an impressive descent
  • Which family member was the fastest?

Food Court and tropical terrace
Our new restaurant in the Aquadome offers three international cuisines – Asian, Italian and American. Everyone in the family can enjoy their favourite food, and the menu is simple, straightforward and comes with a great flavour guarantee. Your food can be enjoyed at the tables on the ground floor or on the tropical terrace on the first floor, which opened in March.

We look forward to showing you all the new attractions at Lalandia in Billund.

  • Food Court at Lalandia in Billund
  • Food Court at Lalandia in Billund