Dolphin Slide

Now guests can ignore the stairs and instead take the water slide from View Terrace to the activity pool in the Aquadome.

19. februar 2020

Help naming the slide
When we were looking for a name for the new water slide, we asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram to come up with suggestions for names. Suggestions poured in and a picture quickly emerged: the slide was to be named after the cute dolphins located in the water where the slide ends.

Surprised winter holiday guests
Dolphin Slide was ready just as Lalandia was receiving its expectant winter holiday guests, to the huge delight of our bathing guests. We usually announce our new attractions in plenty of time, but this time we didn’t announce the news before the water slide was ready. Therefore a lot of people were pleasantly surprised when a water slide suddenly appeared from View Terrace.

Dolphin Slide is number 21
The water slide is number 21 in the Aquadome. In the past three years Twister followed by Turbo Racer have been unveiled – and now the Aquadome also has a Dolphin Slide.

Anyone at least min. 130 cm tall can hurtle down the water slide.

  • Dolphin Slide at Lalandia in Billund
  • Dolphin Slide at Lalandia in Billund
  • Dolphin Slide at Lalandia in Billund