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New attractions in Rødby

Didn’t get round to visiting Lalandia in Rødby in 2019? Then you can look forward to discovering all the new attractions.

Two new restaurants and an ice cream bar have brought great new food experiences for all the family to Lalandia in Rødby – and we introduced our guests to a very popular game.

12. december 2019

Sunset Boulevard and ice cream bar
The Danish restaurant chain is well known for its wide selection of freshly prepared delights that are made with a focus on good quality. Now guests at Lalandia can finish off a nice meal with something special, a bubble waffle – the combination of a warm luxury waffle and delicious ice cream, a great favourite with sweet-toothed individuals all around the world.

  • Sunset Boulevard comes to Lalandia in Rødby
  • Enjoy delicious dining at Sunset Boulevard restaurant at Lalandia in Rødby
  • Ice cream bar at Lalandia in Rødby proves popular
  • Big smiles and crisp waffles
  • Ice cream all year round

Restaurant Digehuset
Attractively located in a quiet corner of Lalandia, Restaurant Digehuset has welcomed the first of many guests. Here you will find dishes for appetites both large and small on the menu, with the option to choose between one, two or three courses.

The fun family game is now part of the large selection of family activities on offer at Lalandia in Rødby. The game is similar to curling and has a 500-year history. You are guaranteed plenty of fun once you have been captivated by this exciting game, which has become popular with children and adults alike in recent years.

We look forward to showing you all the new attractions at Lalandia in Rødby.

  • Shuffleboard – a fun family game
  • Try the fun shuffleboard
  • Shuffleboard has now arrived at Lalandia in Rødby