Play pool with your feet

An attractive green football pitch has appeared at Lalandia in Billund. But what exactly do football and pool have to do with one another.

16. april 2018

The keyword is precision, when football and pool are combined; as in pool, you have to get the balls through the holes, and a good eye and instep kick could be an advantage. The game follows the rules of traditional pool, but unlike pool, which is mainly for adults, the whole family can play football pool. The large balls and soft pitch are ideal for even very small children to play along.

The football pool pitch was placed next to the mini-golf course at Lalandia in Billund the year after it became possible to play the popular game shuffleboard at Lalandia. With football pool on the list of fun activities, there is now yet another extraordinary experience awaiting families at Lalandia in Billund.

  • Football pool in Lalandia in Billund
  • Football and pool are combined into a fun family game
  • Invite yours to a game

Invite yours to a game and see who comes off the winner. Will it be the pool enthusiasts or the family members who can dribble a ball in their sleep?