Indoor padel courts at Lalandia in Rødby

The new padel hall is now ready to provide you with endless on-court competition.

20. december 2023

Padel with doubles and singles courts
A holiday at Lalandia offers lots of activities and fun experiences for the whole family. Now we have expanded the options for you to get your family moving. The padel hall has 6 doubles courts and 1 singles court, where you can look forward to hours of fun playing padel on your holiday. On wet and windy days, it is often more fun to play on the indoor courts.

Outdoor padel on doubles court
Get some fresh air while playing padel and try the outdoor doubles courts. On still days, padel outside is absolutely fantastic.

Book padel courts online
If you fancy a game of padel, you can book courts quickly and easily so you can get playing. Courts can be booked either at Sport & Bowling, or you can book them online here:

A social activity
Padel is basically played on a doubles court, and so is a great social activity for family and friends. It is also an easier game for beginners wanting to learn to play, as it is slower than tennis and you can use the walls during the game.

A gentle sport
You play padel on soft artificial grass with sand, which makes the game gentler than, for example, squash and badminton. As you get better at playing padel, you can also improve your fitness – and it gets your pulse rate up.

  • Få sved på panden på de nye padelbaner
  • Få sved på panden på de nye padelbaner