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New at Lalandia: Adventure Tower Zipline

The new zipline is part of Adventure Tower and offers a fantastic glide over the sand sculpture park.

24. June 2020

120 metres up in the air
The new activity starts high up in the Adventure Tower, where guests put on the right safety equipment and with expert guidance are sent out into the blue yonder. The 120 metre glide along the zipline goes out to the furthest corner of the sand sculpture park, from where guests can continue back to the Adventure Tower.

A tower filled with activities
The Adventure Tower also consists of two trails with lots of balancing challenges, with both the activities and height adapted to children and adults. At the top there is a large view terrace where guests can enjoy refreshments, or balance games on the tower’s trails or a great glide.

All with a height of min. 150 cm can try the new zipline.

  • Zipline in Adventure Tower
  • Zipline in Adventure Tower
  • Zipline in Adventure Tower
  • Zipline in Adventure Tower