Welcome to the new dog park at Lalandia in Billund

At Lalandia we have created a brand-new exciting oasis for our four-legged friends – a fenced dog park for both small and large dogs.

04. juli 2023

Divided dog park
One section of the dog park is intended for small dogs, so they can romp and play on their own terms. The other section is for larger dogs, who can stretch their legs on a run around the park.

Agility equipment for added fun
We know how much our curious four-legged friends love a challenge. That’s why we have set up agility equipment in the dog park to challenge dogs both physically and mentally – as it has fun with its family.

We look forward to seeing a lot of happy dogs and their owners using Lalandia dog park.

You will find the dog park near the holiday home area at Lalandia.

Remember your dog must remain under supervision in the dog park.

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  • Opdelt hundeskov